As much as being a professional cinematographer and editor, I am a storyteller. I create videos that represent the whole picture, but always celebrate the small details.

Baker Digital is me and my crew. I am the cinematographer and editor of all  projects by design. Although located in Columbia, Missouri, my work has been used throughout the United States. I have taught video editing at the University of Missouri, School of Engineering  and have a twenty plus year working relationship with Jack Smith, a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame and former Group President of The Leo Burnett Advertising Agency. I bring a specific set of skills to the art that can only be learned with years of experience. Being both the shooter and the editor, along with owning all the production gear, allows me to save time which in turns saves money to the clients.


It is my pleasure to recommend Thom Baker and Baker Digital Marketing as a dependable, reasonable, creative production source. I have worked with Thom for over 20 years now and will, hopefully, work with him for 20 more. Thom is a one man show, so  direct communication on your project is never a problem. His production instincts are excellent, be it casting, film editorial or strategies.  Thom has a good understanding of what the consumer will like and respond to because Thom is an accomplished performer himself.  It’s never boring with Thom. He is as adept at music editorial as anyone I’ve ever worked with, keeping the  integrity of the song in mind as he makes a piece of music fit the copy. I do believe you get more for your money with Thom than any other production source in mid Missouri.

 Jack Smith


Jack Smith Creative Services

Former Creative President

Leo Burnett Advertising

Chicago, IL.

Baker Digital Marketing provided the Great Rivers Council with videos promoting the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation which generated interest across the mid-west. Thom is dedicated to his craft. He is willing to go the extra mile for great footage and will work with you until you are satisfied with the final product.

Greg Baker - Great Rivers Council

A lot of new faces in Columbia on the video production scene but none of them can come close to their experience, knowledge, professionalism, and an unbelievable array of production gear. It's hard to believe we found this kind of quality with great pricing in central Missouri.

G.K. Johnson -  Boo Radley Foundation

I'm happy to recommend Baker Digital Marketing!

I've known Thom Baker and his work for 30 years, but our first opportunity to collaborate was in 2015. I conceived and wrote the script for a corporate video and specified all the visual images. Thom produced the video. Since the project was to present a very buttoned-down concept in a fun and attention-grabbing way, Thom was ... very ... creative in selecting those visual images. He faithfully produced the video as conceived, but the final result was was far more compelling for his creative contribution.

Our second collaboration was in 2018, to produce a series of very short pieces for a historical society. While my goal was complete at least 12-to-15 short videos in the allotted time, I went in with 37 scripts. I was well-organized, and so was Thom. We recorded all 37 pieces, most requiring multiple takes! I requested several backgrounds to be dropped in behind the green-screen pieces. Again, Thom went way beyond my expectations and gave us at least 15 backgrounds, creating much more visual variety. Thom also bent over backwards in helping the historical society adapt the pieces to their foundation website.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with Thom again!

Patrick Lee - Professional Speaker, Actor & Writer

Thom is a true professional. I have worked with him on numerous video projects and always receive great service and a top quality product. I would recommend him highly.

Cord Harper - Endeavor Agency

I have worked with Thom on several projects, and he has done a terrific job with each! He understands how to make an idea into reality and often even contributes to the idea with unique and creative flare.  Projects come out looking professional and polished!

Miranda Walker - University of Missouri


Thom is a real pro.  He works fast and he knows a ton of valuable methods, tricks, skills, etc, to make any video project turn out terrifically well.  I had some modest background work in directing and editing and I had a specific point of view about how I wanted my last project to be edited.  Thom was willing to listen to me, work to help me find what was in my 'mind's eye' instead of trying to dictate to me what he thought it should be.  That makes all the difference.  Working with Thom was a really good collaborative experience.

Chris Campbell - Boone County Historical Society

My organization needed not only a website but promotional and educational videos. Baker Digital did both for the proposals we were receiving  for only doing the website. Easy to work with, very creative and always happy to meet with us. Thom said he wouldn't be happy until we were happy.

We're very happy!

Dr. Rick McGuire - Power of Positive Coaching

Baker Digital



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